I’m impressed and grateful

Thanks Robert Smith

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Hear it?

Sir Thomas watched, while ill in bed,
His men play on the telly.
“The strings are rather bad,” he said;
“That is, all BOTTICELLI.”
–Ernst T. Theimer, Rumson, NJ

From Maybe He’s Dead and Other Hilarious Results of New York Magazine Competitions, Edited by Mary Ann Madden, Random House New York, 1981, p.257.

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About love


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Sonic Icons from an Inward ‘Darwin’

Notices Section:

Unison unions in
legions of lingoes, create one
alerting triangle, integral to altering relating

(permission and impression
within the
tactile lattice).

As all words here,
creator and reactor
–as inserted resident–
are the same.

A recent center
aligns signal–
One’s own now won.
Except, expect to
ever veer.

Credit a direct,
ordinate, rationed,
phrase shaper who
tastes states and
and states tastes
and who
exclaims in climaxes:
Silent! — Listen!

Praiser repairs aspirer.
Dances ascend.
A scent enacts stance.

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Pun – ion originally published  THURSDAY, JULY 07, 2005

Sounds like onion.

Spelled like union.
Perhaps union should be pronounced onion?
Onion could be pronounced awn yun.
Un-yawn-ed You-n-yun [Onioned Union]It’s all one, big, hewn pun,
by puny fun, all soon wun.

Very punny.

About ion:The Ionian musical scale in modern terms is the major scale.

Ionic Order is one of three major classical Greek architectual organizational systems beginning circa 600 B.C. (more at Wikipedia: Ionic order)

Ionians, who were located along the western Turkish coast (in modern terms) and islands of the Ionian Sea, were one of four major groups of early Greek people.

“An ion is an atom or molecule which has lost or gained one or more valence electrons, making it positively or negatively charged.” from Wikipedia: ion

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nonsense fundamentally–a lost-dominant praiser

Hewn geometry,
entirely poetic —
magic collapses inward.
Musical intentions promise larger…
listen the dimensions–
an instructed phrase–
a scale haunts awareness.
Puny fractals
however, they galloped legions of space.
Bumps edge souls with
an ionic difference of
purely charged particles.
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